School Community

School Executive:

CEO/Principal - Mr Mark Raue
Assistant Principal - Mrs Eryn Lonergan

Leader of Curriculum - Ms Gemma Croft
Leader of Pastoral Care - Mrs Kylee Laugeson
Leader of Vision & Mission - Mrs Jacqueline Gorey

To read more about our School Executive please go to Our School Executive page by clicking here.

Psychologist - Mrs Caroline Ooi

Special Education (Pedagogy) and Research Consultant - Dr Bree Jiminez (In partnership with the University of Sydney, Dr Jiminez will be working with our teachers in a coaching and mentoring role to support classroom based instructional practices and assessment, and differentiated teaching and learning experiences.)

Class Names
One infants/primary class and one secondary class will each share the name of a significant religious figure connected to our Benedictine and Good Samaritan culture and heritage.
Benedict - is named after Saint Benedict. Our Good Samaritan Sisters are of the Order of Saint Benedict.
Gregory - is named after Sister Mary Gregory, Mater Dei’s first School Principal.
Polding -  is named after Bede Polding, the first Bishop of Sydney who founded the Sisters of the Good Samaritan in Sydney.
McCabe - is named after Bishop McCabe, the Bishop who approached the Sisters of the Good Samaritan to change Mater Dei into a special needs school as opposed to an orphanage.
Gibbons - is named after Saint Scholastica Gibbons, Saint Benedict’s sibling/sister.
MacKillop - is named after Saint Mary MacKillop, Australia’s first Saint.

2019 Classes & Teachers

K Samaritan


Miss Kate Bonfield

K/1/2 Benedict 

Mrs Rebecca Hanrahan

(1-3) Primary Polding

Mr Jake Elvin

1/2 Gregory

Mr Aleks Todorovic 

3/4 McCabe


Mrs Michelle Fogarty (M-T) and Mrs Anne Salway (W-F)

4/5/6 Gibbons

Mrs Nicole Robinson


5/6 MacKillop


Miss Liz Irving (M-T) and Mrs Jennifer Twine (W-F)

7/8 Benedict


Miss Georgia Flynn

7/8 Gregory


Mrs Kellie Andersen (M-W) & Mrs Jacqueline Gorey (Th-F)

9/10 McCabe


Mr Sid Conte

9/10 Polding


Mrs Leanne Steedman (M-W) and Mrs Lyndell Byrne (Th-F)

11 MacKillop

Mrs Carla Warby

12 Gibbons


Mrs Helen Fahey (M-W) and Miss Liz Irving (Th-F)


Mrs Jody Musso



Mrs Michelle Charles  and  Mrs Jennifer Twine

School Psychologist 


Mrs Caroline Ooi

Special Education 
Research Consultant


Dr Bree Jiminez


School Assistants:

Mrs Julietta Borgia-Brain, Ms Jodie Dobinson, Mrs Janette Fowler, Ms Nadine Gale, Ms Amanda Giles, Mr Christopher Herd, Miss Carly Hessey, Mrs Leigh Hough, Mrs Ana Kosub, Mrs Tanya Madsen, Mrs Chris McIntyre, Mrs Donna Morrison, Mrs Sue Neal, Mrs Tracey Osborne, Mrs Linda Quinlan, Mrs Kim Rossetto, Mr Mark Sheddon, Mrs Catherine Smith, Mrs Donna Swain, Mrs Tiffany Young.
First Aid - Kerrie Borthwick RN

Our School Staff

Administration Team

Ms Anne Lauder - Business Manager & responsible for Student Transport (Mon to Fri)
Mrs Luisa Penman - Personal Assistant to the CEO/Principal and Board of Directors; Enrolment Secretary (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)
Mrs Emma Bray - Administrative Assistant to the Business Manager (Tues, Wed & Thurs)
Mrs Michele Dunshea - Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal (Mon-Wed, & Friday)
Mrs Lisa Gruar - Student fees, payroll and processing of cheques/monies (Tues, Wed & Thurs)
Mrs Helen Flett - Receptionist (Mon, Wed & Thurs)
Mrs Carmen Nardi - Receptionist (Tues & Fri) and Administration (Thurs)
Mr Michael Reynolds - Maintenance (Mon to Fri)
Mrs Katrina Sims - System Administrator & IT Support (Tues-Thurs)

Development Team

Mrs Catherine Jeffcoate - Director of Development (Mon-Fri)
Mrs Sarah Ryan - Event and Development Coordinator (Mon-Fri)
Mrs Alison McManus - Development Administrative Assistant (Tues-Fri)

Taxi Drivers

John Hyslop
Karen Liddy
Robert Stewart
Neris Taylor

Job Coaches

Sharon Pascoe-Thomas
Kelly Williams

Our Administration and Development Teams with our Taxi Drivers and Job Coaches