Principal's Message

Welcome to Mater Dei 

We are a K-12 school that provides quality Catholic education for students with a mild to moderate intellectual disability as their primary disability.

As a member school of Good Samaritan Education, we do this within a Benedictine spiritual framework that emphasises the dignity of each person, and a commitment to welcome, inclusion, hospitality and stewardship. These are tangible values that define our way of doing things and which contribute to the outstanding reputation that Mater Dei enjoys in the wider community.

It is a little strange for me to welcome you to Mater Dei as I myself am only in my first few months at the school. In my short time here I have witnessed the professional capacity and commitment of the staff, the personalised learning created for each student and the genuine care and concern shown to all. It is a vibrant school that thrives on innovation and evidence based best practice. 

We are indeed fortunate to be located on beautiful rural setting in Camden. The school has operated here since 1957 under the stewardship of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. Whilst we no longer have any religious sisters working in the school, the influence of the Sisters is still profound, and the prayerful climate and peaceful culture of the school owes so much to their legacy. This is a wonderful place to be and I invite you to find out more about the world of Mater Dei on this website.

Mark Raue