Our School

For students from Kindergarten to Year 12 who have been assessed with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities as their primary disability, Mater Dei is a co-educational Catholic Congregational school located in the Wollongong Diocese.  We are a proud member of the ten Colleges who together comprise Good Samaritan Education (GSE).  
The underpinning philosophy of every student’s enrolment at Mater Dei is inclusion into the wider community. Inclusion is based on the dignity and uniqueness of each person, self-esteem, respect, equity, independence, interdependence and responsibility. We work collaboratively with parents, carers and advocates of the students entrusted into our care thus providing a student-centred community at Mater Dei. In this way it is our hope that students will live as independently as possible in the least restrictive and most stimulating environment in the wider community.

Mater Dei’s programs aim to:
* provide a comprehensive, holistic and individual education for each student
* ensure a safe, non-threatening yet challenging teaching and learning environment for each student
* promote spiritual, personal, social, physical, emotional, academic and vocational development through all school programs
* enable each student to maximise his/her achievements
* encourage each student to take responsibility for his/her own behaviour and to accept the consequences of his/her behaviour
* help each student develop positive self-esteem
* encourage each student to appreciate the worth, equity and needs of others
* develop and maintain a partnership between home and school
* constantly assess and evaluate each student’s development, progression and needs
* work with mainstream schools, the wider community and local employers to create experiences and opportunities for each student
* prepare each student for effective transition through all stages of education
* extend each staff member’s professional expertise through ongoing training and professional development to ensure best practice as we educate students at Mater Dei.

As a Catholic and Good Samaritan School in the Benedictine tradition, Mater Dei respects the dignity of each person and the unique contribution they make to our school community.  We are committed to providing a holistic and inclusive education for students that builds in them a capacity to become fully participating members of the community, and that dignifies their giftedness.  We strive to work with parents and guardians to empower students to live independent lives that enrich the communities in which they live.

Mater Dei embraces the values espoused in the Good Samaritan Education Teaching and Learning Framework and the Good Samaritan Education Mission Framework:

•    Peace
•    Prayer
•    Service
•    Hospitality
•    Stewardship

To download or read our Mission and Values Statement, please click here.