About Us

Established as an orphanage by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Order in 1910, today, Mater Dei School & Services is a community-based organisation that provides early intervention therapy services, education and post school
programs for babies, children and young people with an intellectual disability or developmental delay. The approach that we take in working with our students is reasonably simple and is based on the principle of encouraging inclusion and full participation by them with all members of society.

We work to provide our students with the skills and abilities to access their local communities as valued and contributing members in a manner that builds acceptance and dignity for
people with disabilities.

The underpinning philosophy for all that we do at Mater Dei is “Inclusion for all". Much of our work is focused on providing opportunities and experiences that will help our students develop skills and confidence to be fully included as valuable and respected members of their community. We pride ourselves on providing an individualised and holistic education for all children and young people in our care and support to their families.