• Bushfire Information

    14 November, 2019

    Mater Dei is located in a rural area with exposure to bushfires. We have a well-prepared emergency plan to cover three possible scenarios:
    1) Pre-emptive closure of the school for the next and perhaps following days after notification of impending bushfire danger
    2) Evacuation during the school day to our offsite emergency evacuation point as instructed by emergency services
    In the event that 1 and 2 are not possible then 
    3) Lockdown within Mater Dei following instructions from emergency services until the danger passes
    You will be notified by text message through our messaging services. Please do not call the school as we will be dealing with an emergency. You will be kept informed throughout the process as far as possible and notified when it is safe to pick up your child.  Updates will also be posted on our website.