Leaving a Bequest

A bequest gift to Mater Dei is a great way for you to ensure that the wonderful work of Mater Dei will continue to benefit today's children and the future generations of children who will come to Mater Dei.

Your bequest gift will be placed into trust with The Mater Dei Foundation so that the gift can be responsibly invested and continue to provide funds to the school year on year so we can have the confidence to continue providing and growing our life changing programs.

If you would like to know more about leaving a bequest gift please contact Catherine Jeffcoate on 4655.7481 or via email.

We recommend that you discuss your gift to The Mater Dei Foundation with your family and that the following clause be included in your will.

Bequest Clause

“I give to the Trustees of the Mater Dei Foundation in the State of New South Wales, the sum ......% of my estate free of all duties, taxes and other deductions of whatever kind and I declare that the receipt of the Chairperson of the Foundation shall be sufficient discharge to my trustees."

To obtain a printable copy of the above clause please click here.