Our Chaplain

As Chaplain to Mater Dei, I feel privileged to be accepted into the lives of staff, parents and students.

As the National School Chaplaincy Student Welfare Personnel guidelines include the areas of grief and loss, I am in a unique position to listen to concerns of parents and help them discover positive outcomes that suit their own circumstances. I offer this support not only to the school community (involving 148 students) but also to parents and staff in the Early Intervention and Work & Community Pathways Programs which serves over 100 families.

In the spirit of pastoral care, I attend all Parent & Friends Association meetings and the Enrolment Information Evening.  I write letters of support to various professionals to advocate on behalf of the families.

I also offer CONVERSATIONS FOR NURTURING INDEPENDENCE which help parents get to know each other and share ideas that have worked.   In addition, I write letters on behalf of Mater Dei to parents who are experiencing grief and loss of their own parents or grandparents.

This funding has greatly enhanced Mater Dei's service of pastoral care. 

My role as Chaplain is funded by The Department of Education.

Sr Jeanie Heininger sgs


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