Channel 9 News Visits Mater Dei

Peter Overton from National Nine News visits Mater Dei on Thursday July 3, 2009

Peter delighted all the students (and staff and someparents!) by flying in by helicopter to Mater Dei on Thursday. He landed at 10am to a very enthusiastic welcome and was escorted to our hall where he was interviewed by our students. The students enthusiastically took turns on the microphone to ask probing questions like “Do you get sad when you have to read news about someone dying?" and “Who is the most famous person you have ever interviewed?"

Peter said he enjoyed meeting us and that he would talk about his visit on the news that night. He also told the students that he would be wearing a special tie when he read the news - an orange stripy one - a tie that he said would mean that he was thinking of them!

The students presented Peter with a gift and he then responded with surprise gifts for the students. After a quick cup of tea with the Mater Dei Leadership team and some staff, Peter left by helicopter about 11.10am to return to the Channel Nine offices and get ready for his newsreading job at 6pm.

We hope he comes to visit us again.

We hope you enjoy these photos we took on the day. 
To view the photos on the Channel 9 News website, please click here.
This week our local paper, The Macarthur Chronicle, will feature a story on Peter's visit. To read the story on their website, please click here and to view the photos, please click here.

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